Essence of Healing ~ Bob Moore

As I see it, healing is related to allowing your feelings to be expressed.

So you are bringing your qualities into this physical world, this giving an example of your connection to a level that you normally cannot explain, such as stillness in meditation. When giving healing to another person, then, in blending with that level, you are giving him an incentive, which may help him to realise his own connection to that same depth.

Bob Moore

It does not necessarily involve the use of your hands. But it does involve patience. In trying to help people to appreciate themselves, their relationship to light and what it means to them, for example, in the sense of not separating themselves between surface and depth, you need a lot of patience.

The qualities, the way I see them, are what we have built up or grown with, related to our acceptance of life or ways  of responding to life through different incarnations. And they are there all the time, not just when we are working with healing on a person-to-person basis. But when they are used consciously, we have this endeavour to give expression to what quality is, which can be helpful in bringing anyone into a more true experience of joy.

When we have a healing situation, then all that happens is that you are brought into a position where it is possible to give to a person, because he has asked for it, more relationship to the experience of depth, a depth that you yourself have already related to.


Let us look at this word Healing. What does it really mean? In English it means correcting something which was wrong. So whichever way you look at it, whether it is a process which is taking you towards a point, or whether it is this actual point, is really the same.

If you are going to help another person, you have got to have something within you which this person can use. But with your qualities is related to the contact this person is trying to establish to his own qualities.  And this is the initial thing, where the whole healing situation begins.

Here, areas where you yourself are defective are no longer playing a part, because you have risen to this level of qualities. It may not be all your level of consciousness. At this point in time, it is the level where you are active, and which is producing the attraction from the other person to you. But remember what I said about development: a true contact with that area contains no selfish or ego aspect.

When we talk about ‘healer’ and ‘patient’ then it is alright as long as we take it on a physical level, but when we look deeper, the reality is, that we are all one. And we are all trying to establish this at-one-ment. When the qualities of two persons blend they are in a state of at-one-ment. If the underlying problems are allowed to take over,  then this prevents the state of at-one-ment or does not allow it to operate.

Spirituality is the combination of all these levels, which takes you into something different, so that you are moving beyond polarity into your qualities. Your qualities are not polar.

If we try to focus on what is going on in the individual in an effort to understand more about what actually takes place in healing, then I would like to ask you: Is there an attraction between our problems and our qualities?

Extract from: Conversations with Bob Moore.

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