Gog & Magog - ancient trees in Glastonbury, UK

Gog & Magog – ancient trees in Glastonbury, UK

Where we are Now

We stand at a moment in human evolution where it is possible to leverage the grounded, physical, medical and scientific knowledge of our generation with the spiritual wisdom of the generations.

The proven benefits of mindfulness, meditation, trauma therapy, homeopathy, transpersonal psychology, dream-work, spiritual healing and self realization are such that the conventional worlds of allopathic therapy are challenged to understand and integrate new modalities.

Who are We?

The International School of Spiritual Psychology is part of that evolution – promoting integration, application and personal empowerment across the spectrum. ISSP is active in conferences world-wide, and is a global community held together by one vision – the shared evolution of us all for the benefit of the whole.

ISSP Initiatives

In addition, ISSP offers trainings in spiritual psychology for professionals from all walks of life – from coaching through to doctors, lawyers, therapists and spiritual seekers.

The ISSP Education in Spiritual Psychology is a seven year program for personal and professional development. It reconnects the spiritual dimension to everyday life and brings the qualification to work as a spiritual therapist, coach or healer.

Seminars include training in meditation, energy healing and the liberation of consciousness. In addition, ISSP international retreats offer community, peace and self development in settings that allow a time-out from habitual stresses and patterns.

To advance its mission, ISSP is active in several international initiatives, including SAND – the Science & Nonduality Conference; the European Conference on Somatic Experiencing; Spiritual Emergency networks; and more.