A Life-changing Challenge: Allowing Fear and Finding Comfort in Peace

Most people don’t recognize fear when we talk about it. Once we investigate further, we can discover a lot of fears. Usually, these are first recognized in the form of thoughts.

“We toss and turn to provide ourselves in our needs But there’s no rest, no trust within. Peace will escape us always, if we continue these primary patterns”

Allowing fear means to overcome our fear of fear.

Fear frightens us, and it therefore makes sense to skip and deny it. Yet in other situations, we might seek out fear as a sense of excitement: like speeding in a car; practicing high risk sports and letting of our bodies; experiencing death in a rollercoaster; or watching or reading detectives etc. So from out of a safer mindset, we experience fear as excitement and we can enjoy it. Experiencing fear in this way usually makes us feel very much alive.

So the mindset of a more or less controlled safety has an influence on whether we can allow fear in our bodies or not.

Would it be possible to have this influence also with more subconscious layers of fear?
Yes! It can even bring more clarity with respect to how we respond to daily issues from out of subconscious fears or even old reaction patterns of former experiences in which we couldn’t save ourselves; for example, in patterns of trauma.

For example, we all know the fear of being excluded, that’s why we want to be included. So a lot of effort tends to be put into being included: at home, at school, within our colleagues, with sports etc. But even if we are included, we don’t feel really safe. That explains why we often exclude or reject others, even though that doesn’t directly increase our sense of safety within the social setting.

This ongoing experience of acceptance or rejection keeps us out of our inner balance and out of a feeling of peace. As soon as we allow fear, we can rest into safety and experience the peace which lies within us all.

You’re welcome to recognize your own patterns in this and allow them to settle within your body and feel the increasing experience of peace at the Integral European Conference in Siofok, Hungary.

Inge Stevenson


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